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Our Mission

The Missionary Movement and GibMIssionAfrica cares for the lives of poor children by providing them daily food, education, medicine when needed, caring for disabled children and spreading the belief that disability is not inability. GibMissionAfrica also provide homes for leper families and increase the growth of bore-holes and spring water development so that the poor communities can enjoy the basic need of having potable water. GibMissionAfrica will continue to work relentessly with the various projects to care for the lives of the poor. Thank you for all the support.


Fr. George Grima

GibmissionAfrica are devoted to care for the lives of poor children by  providing them daily food, medecine and education. Today you have that opportunity to save the lives of thousands of poor children in Ethiopia. We welcome your donation, your change can change a life.

Adopting one of our poor children who live in one of our homes in Brazil, Kenya or Ethiopia is a great way of helping us raise the much needed funds for their upkeep. Also support us by participating in any of our fund-raising events to raise more money for our projects.

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