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GIBmissionAFRICA was inspired by Father George Grima, a Gozitan missionary who founded the “Jesus is Thy Neighbour” movement. (NGO VO/0140). It was approved by the Bishop of Gozo, Monsignor Nikol Cauchi, on 30th October 1992. The aim of the movement is to give a better life to so many children living on the streets of Brazil, Ethiopia and Kenya.


Father George Grima worked in Brazil but latterly he has moved to East Africa and most recently he has been working in Ethiopia. 

You can learn more about Father George Grima’s work that has inspired the initiation of GMA by visiting


The Founder - Monsignor George Grima


Father George Grima was born in Rabat, Gozo on 3 December 1950, son of Ġużeppi and Manuela nee Said, the second of ten children. He received his education in the primary school in Rabat and continued his studies for priesthood in the seminary of the heart of Jesus in Rabat, Gozo.


He was ordained by the Bishop, Nikol Cauchi on the 18 June, 1977. On the 21 September 1977, he went on his first mission to Brazil. He started his missionary work in the diocese of Londrina. After three years working in this diocese, he went to work in another diocese of Bahia and then worked for another seven years in the diocese of Mariana, state of Minas Gerais.


Whilst he was in Minais Gerais, he built homes for orphaned children coming from poor families. He gave them food, education and medicine. On 3 December 1987, he founded Missionary Movement Jesus in thy neighbour and from that day, started his work in Africa.


Apart from Malta, today, the Missionary Movement Jesus in thy neighbour has branches in USA, Italy, Gibraltar, Brazil, Ethiopia and Kenya. This year the missionary movement is celebrating it's Silver Jubilee after 25 years from its founding.

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