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Support the Food Program

Currently we feed approximately 30,000 children daily through a number of kindergartens and schools. Contributing to the feeding program will help our poor children who live in  Brazil, Kenya or Ethiopia is a great way of helping us raise the much needed funds for their upkeep.


With £23. you will be guaranteeing the basic daily food for a child for a whole year  

With £ will be providing food and education for the child for a whole year 

With £69. you will guarantee food, education and healthcare for a child for a whole year


The above are just a guideline. You can donate by sending a letter with your details and your donation to our office at GibMissionAfrica, Payment can be made by cheque addressed to 'GibMissionAfrica' or by depositing your donation in our Bank A/c Nos 47699086 or 47699078 sort code 60-60-60 with Natwest. For further information please contact Mario Hook on 56819000 or Christine Loddo 54334000


If you would like to help or volunteer for any of our fund-raising events please contact us as we are always grateful for any kind of assistance. Please feel free to look at our Calendar of Events and see if you could support us in any of the events. For further information please contact Mario Hook on 56819000, Christine Loddo 54334000 or Maribel Arias on 57561000.


Many other children can be saved by your donation, even if your donation is small. It will make a difference.




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