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Camino de Gibraltar

October 04, 2019

Saturday, 5th October, was a very busy day for fundraising events around Gibraltar. GibmissionAfrica also organised a sponsored walk, Camino de Gibraltar, which proved to be a big success. Here are a few photos of the participants at various points around the Rock. Well done to everyone involved and thanks to all who contributed to this event.

Camino de Santiago

March 13, 2019

GibmissionAfrica chairman, Mario Hook, together with 4 friends, are currently walking the Camino de Santiago, in an effort to raise funds for the poor children of Ethiopia.

If you would like to contribute, you can simply donate to any of the GibmissionAfrica Committee members: Christine Loddo, Maribel Arias, Mario Hook or Marie, Anna Bensusan, Richard Bear, Darren Torres or Annie Thornton. Or you can transfer funds to our bank account in Gibraltar Internati...

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Fr. Alex's first visit to Gibraltar.

October 25, 2018

GibMissionAfrica held a very successful dinner at Maui's Chill & Grill with Fr Alex Cauchi of Missionary Movement, Jesus In Thy Neighbour, of which GibMissionAfrica supports with the help of the very generous local community. 

We are also extremely grateful to the Management of Maui's Chill & Grill for donating the dessert, thereby allowing the GibMissionAfrica fundraising total to increase substantially. Many thanks for your kindness and for the delicious food!


April 25, 2018

We are delighted to confirm that Rev. Fr. Alexander Cauchi has now officially been appointed as successor to Rev. Fr. George Grima, founder of the Missionary Movement "Jesus in thy Neighbour", which last December completed 30 years of foundation.


Fr Cauchi has worked as a missionary for 22 years in Brazil and Peru. Fr George had asked him several times over the years if he could help him in his missionary work and last summer he finally accepted. Little did Fr Cauchi know God's plans were very different! He is committed to continuing all the projects and activities in Brazil, Kenya and Ethiopia and is determined that Fr George's movement will continue to save lives and help the poorest of the poor. He asks for our prayers and thanks everybody in Gibraltar for their generous and continued support.


Welcome, Fr Cauchi!

Fr. George's work lives on

January 23, 2018

VERY INTERESTING ARTICLE kindly translated for GibMissionAfrica by Bishop Carmel Zammit.

16 people will continue the mission of Fr George Grima in another two days. This is the first group after the death of Fr George who will continue his work in Ethiopia. We talked with George Sultana, who in two days’ time will together with a further 15 persons go to the mission. "Shortly before he passed away, Fr George and I planned to go to Ethiopia on a mission. I promised that as long as I was healthy and alive I will continue to form groups so that the movement will carry on. Since I work with a construction and building company, I formed a group of 16 persons. 7 of us will go to build a kitchen in a forest village, and the rest, with the money we have collected, will provide food and medicines for people and children of those villages." George was working closely with Father George and he related what his death meant. "I started working with him in 2014. I have always wanted to go to the missions, and since I am from Gozo I met him and I told him about my desire to go to the missions. He told me to form a group of friends and eight of us went for the first time to Ethiopia. From then on I started working closely with him and have put together another group in 2016." 
"It was cruel to lose Fr George. He was everything. Fr George worked 24 hours a day for the missions. He meant a lot to us, but he meant much more to those villages and cities which he helped in Kenya, Ethiopia and Brazil. I remember that the first time I went I saw extreme poverty. Then I started to see a church, a hospital or a beautiful school, and I was told that they were built by Fr George." 
"We will be the first group after the death of Fr George who will continue his work. We believe that Father George will be happy that the movement is still alive through us” says George.

New GMA CEO imminent!!

January 18, 2018

GibMissionAfrica is pleased to announce the imminent arrival in Malta of Fr Alex Victor Cauchi to take the role hands-on of the Missionary Movement ‘Jesus in Thy Neighbour’.

We hope that Fr Alex will provide us with his vision and proposed strategy and that we shall soon be in regular contact with Fr Alex as we did with Fr George.

We will be keeping you all up to date with all developments and any fundraising activities. Please invite your friends to like our new Facebook page (GibmissionAfrica2017) so that GibMissionAfrica can grow as an active charity and save more lives.

Statement by the newly appointed Chairman of GibMission Africa

September 09, 2015

Dear Friends of GibMission Africa,


I have previously been involved (at committee level) with this wonderful ONG which provides so much needed assistance to the poorest of the poor.


My circumstances now allow me to return and add my efforts to continue in the fund-raising effort which is our main aim as a support group for the work of Fr. George Grima in Africa.


For the past thirty years my wife and I have been raising funds for Fr. Grima by organizing annual events such as BBQ's in St. Joseph's Church and other events whenever he has been visiting here in Gibraltar. I hope that my experience will be useful in future fund rasiing events.


My sincere greetings to all who work for GibMIssion Africa.



Mario M Hook

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