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In a joint effort GibMission Africa and Missionary Movement Jesus in thy Neighbour are building the biggest project and the first one of this quality for the disabled in Jimma - Bongo Vicariate.


Together with Missionary Movement Jesus in thy Neighbour, GibMissionAfrica  is feeding approximately over 30,000 people every day! We feed the disabled, children and adults alike, many in schools or kindergartens.  It is particularly difficult to get specialised foods like formula for newborns and the very young. The food program is spread throughout several districts in Ethiopia, Kenya and Brazil.  It is hard work but the help we give saves lives! Without your help this would not be possible.

The Prefecture of Jimma has more than a million people, and this home will be the first and only one to care for the disabled. In Ethiopia the dsiabled is not even registered and is considered as 'outcast'. They are abandoned by their parents and the society to fend for themselves alone. Lots of them meet a tragic end. This home will provide them with a quality of life they deserve. We are already in the second block and started. 

The home will have a medical Centre, Library, Learning Centre, girls dormitory, boys dormitory, a Kitchen, a canteen and a garden. 

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